Why Analist BI?

Analist BI is a business intelligence (BI) program developed by Turkish software developers.

Analist BI analyzes the data of your company. It creates calculations, reports and graphs based on this data. With these charts, it helps you to easily observe the status of your business whenever and wherever you want. In this way, you save time.

  • Analist BI is a program that conforms to Turkish working principles in terms of system and hardware.
  • It is more economical than its counterparts.
  • It allows you to follow your work quickly as it works with more data and more business logic.
  • It is open to customization. You can customize the entire program view.
  • It makes your data most accessible to all employees.
  • It ensures trouble-free operation. With its up-to-date interface, it helps your business keep up with the times.

Analist BI is suitable for all businesses that use databases thanks to its easy use.

Meet Analist BI!